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Understanding the Impact of Employment, Entrepreneurship and Training Programs on Youth in Jordan and Rwanda

Written by Caroline Shenaz Hossein and Anna Bantug-Herrera

This report highlights how service providers can be more effective in delivering market-led programs to young people. Youth appreciate the personal self confidence that trainings bring to their lives. The report is written to prioritize the voices of the youth. However, the team would like to note that this was a rapid study, and that a fuller evaluation of each program has the potential to yield a bigger picture. Issues that appear as weaknesses are ‘fixable’ and practitioners should look for ways to improve programming and implementation based on what youth are saying. The voices of young people in Jordan and Rwanda offer much to consider for the development community. If programs are to start working effectively for youth, then listening to what they want, what they want to change, what they like and dislike will ensure that trainings are more effective and better prepare them for the marketplace.