United States Institute of Peace

International Network for Economics and Conflict

Natural Resource Management

Oil and Conflict: What Does the Cross-Country Evidence Really Show?

In this paper, Anca Maria Cotet and Kevin K. Tsui reveal the cross-country empirical findings on the relationship between Oil and Conflict.

Small Countries and Big Resources: Harnessing Natural Resources for Development in the g7+ Countries

This World Bank paper written by Paul Collier is about how to harness the exploitation of non-renewable natural resources, such as oil and minerals, for sustained economic development.

Latin American Approaches to Extractive Industry Conflicts

In this report from Evidence & Lessons from Latin America, researchers explain the innovating ways that countries in Latin America are dealing with conflict fostered by extractive industries.

Annual Report 2011-2012: Building Bridges Between Research and Practice

In this Annual Report from the German Development Institute, researchers re-evaluate conventional approaches to international development in lieu of the changing economic and political landscape around the world.

Post-2015: The Road Ahead

In this report from the Overseas Development Institute, Claire Melamed looks at the progress on the current Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and draws some lessons on how a new agreement should aim to finish the job started in 2000.