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Perverse Supply Response in the Liberian Mining Sector

This World Bank working paper analyzes firm behavior in the mining sector in Liberia.

Iraq’s Kurdistan Takes a Giant Step Toward Independence

This new Wilson Center brief looks at the regional and security impacts of Kurdistan's recent independent energy deals with Turkey.

Extractive Industries and Peacebuilding in Afghanistan: The Role of Social Accountability

Mining operations in Afghanistan could be an important generator of economic growth for the country, but they also spark conflicts over environmental effects and perceptions that the economic benefits have been distributed unfairly. In this USIP Special Report, author Sadaf Lakhani proposes that local communities, the government, and mining companies would all benefit from mechanisms that focus on transparency and mediate grievances around these industries.

Growing Disruption: Climate Change, Food, and the Fight Against Hunger

This Oxfam briefing paper explores how the failure to tackle climate change threatens all aspects of food security – availability, access, utilisation, and stability.
Workers in the Anglo Ashanti gold mine at a depth of about 330m in Obuasi, Ghana

Community Relations and Mining: Core to Business but Not “Core Business”

Despite widespread claims by the mining industry that companies have adopted CSR as a ‘core competence’, this paper argues that the industry has yet to incorporate these functions as part of ‘core business’ at the level of practice. The authors argue that functional equity needs to be established if the sustainable development agenda is to have a genuine future within the mining industry.
Photo: UNEP

Natural Resources and Peacebuilding: Is the United Nations United? (VIDEO)

This talk focuses on the need to address natural resource degradation, governance and benefit-sharing as fundamental components of peacebuilding.

South Sudan’s Extractive Industries in Ten Minutes

This policy brief offers an overview of South Sudan's extractive industries as a way to contribute to the transparency movement around the industry within the country.

Indigenous Peoples and Mining

This position statement sets out ICMM members’ approach to engaging with indigenous peoples in mining communities.

Public Private Alliance for Minerals Trade: Meeting Summary

This is a summary of the second PPA meeting, which took place on June 12, 2013 in Washington, DC. The summary contains the key discussion points, plans and next steps.